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Cursor Attack 4 low-down

2009-05-09 07:05:23 by studiopaul

Just to let anyone reading know, the sequel to my last cursor attack game is in the works.

The game engine is completed, and I'm working on the interface now. This version is looking to have a level editor (!), minigames, and perhaps some other stuff I can think of. Any ideas in the comments welcome :)


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2009-07-18 02:15:34

make sure it's better than all the others.


2009-08-31 12:14:13

awesome (late comment :3)


2009-09-18 17:19:06

how to get a rank up


2010-09-03 21:44:27

although cursor attack is a good game i think a sequal to super mario defence wouuld be much more desireable (but thats just me)